Consulting Services

Generally the employees who provide consulting services comes under the below categories:

a) Intra corporate transferee is an employee of a company who is transferred from an office in the country of origin to an office of the same company in another country;

b) Contractual service supplier, is an employee of a foreign company who enters another country temporarily in order to perform a service pursuant to a contract;

MMF caters following services to the above corporate employees as follows:

  • MMF will help to provide corporate a complete turnkey solutions from arranging Visa, pick up from airport, accommodation, food, medical, insurance, legal, sightseeing for the employees who comes to France on onsite assignments, to concentrate only on their work, MMF will take care of all their personal needs which helps in higher productivity of the individuals and corporate.
  • MMF will also help to provide corporate services on need basis [Case to Case] .
  • MMF will manage individual transfers as well as group moves
  • MMF will help to provide French learning assistance to candidates, spouses, and children.
  • MMF will help in providing spouse job search assistance depending up on the tenure of stay of candidate in France.
  • MMF will help in providing Children's schooling:
    • Selection of adequate schools
    • Information on the various different schooling options
    • Meetings with the headmasters of preselected schools
    • Inscription and support with the follow-up

MMF will also help to provide personalized services to Independent professional who is a self- employed person based in the territory of another country who supplies a service on the basis of services contract with a consumer in the host country.

MMF will also help to take care of personalized services of Business visitors.

MMF will help to get international driving license and take care of formalities.