Student Facilitation Services

Administrative Services

VISA Formalities: MMF has the expertise, will help in getting the relevant VISA for your purpose of stay in France.

Banking: MMF will help in opening a Bank account in France. Having a French bank account is very important. In order to get a rent subsidy, a mobile phone forfeit, and other necessities, one must have a French account. Some landlords will only accept check payments for rent, and it is quick to send a cheque to pay your electricity bill.
In need MMF will help in arranging appropriate educational loans and other loans from Banks as appropriate.

Housing: MMF will help in finding the accommodation of different types according to the budget and stay requirements (Short term and Long term rented apartments, Home stay etc.)

Insurance: MMF will help in arranging all types of Insurances (Student insurance, Program insurance etc)

Social Services

Eating Out: MMF will help in identifying cost effective restaurants and snacks bar according to the cuisine type. Also will provide homemade food (Indian, Mexican etc) at affordable price according to the requirements, on monthly basis.

Social Life: MMF will help in identifying social organizations to mingle with according to one’s choice. Helps in guiding to cinemas, museums, special expos, clubs, bars, restaurants

Shopping: MMF will help you in identifying price effective shopping malls which give shopping pleasure.

Medical Services

Medical: MMF will help to provide World class medical services (tie up with best hospitals in France) based on need in a country Language is a problem for foreigner. Arrange house calls of Doctors in need.

Dental work: MMF will help to provide world class cost effective Dentist services

Commuting Services

Transportation: MMF will help in getting different Transportation Passes for cost effective travel with in France.

Travel : MMF will help in arranging weekend sightseeing tours with in France, tours with in entire Europe, start to end commuting, hotel stay, food etc. Also once you land in France MMF has the facility to pick you from the Airport, travel along and drop back at Airport

Infrastructure Services

Telephone: MMF will take care of all liason work with telecom department of France to install/uninstall/service telephone services at your Home/ office places.

Computers and internet: MMF will get you cheaper Computers, accessories and Internets, service providers in quick time.

Miscellaneous Services

Student Cards: MMF will assist in getting Carte Imagine 'R', Carte 12-25, UGC Movie Theaters, FNAC Card, Euro rail Pass, ISIC Card

Post: MMF will help in sending Airmail, Surface mail, Economy mail according to the requirements and needs.

Hair care: French barbers are excellent but can be expensive.MMF will help to have discounted service.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning: MMF will help to solve your Laundry and Dry cleaning needs.MMF has L and D tie ups who can give cost effective on time delivery services.